You know when you’re feeling out of control with food.

Perhaps you are going so fast during your workday that it’s a blur and you don’t even remember what you are putting in your body.

Or maybe you're crazy busy during the day and you don't even eat until the end of the day when you are ravenous and throw into your body what ever is closest.

Or maybe you are using food to reduce your stress. You call for take out or swing by the store on the way home. You find yourself grabbing more than you need. You graze on food that brings comfort but no nourishment.

The shame, guilt, blaming yourself all sets in.

So, you go for extreme control. You beat yourself up for being weak, you start that new diet on Monday, and with ease you go for the strict rule following black and white diet.

But you know how this story ends. It’s like trying to submerge and hold a beach ball under water. It takes all your effort and you end up exhausted after the first week.

The stressors and emotional issues aren’t gone so you rebound and ride that endless merry go round. Image issues, weight gain, shame, blame, strict diet, exhaustion, more shame and blame, trying to get strict again.

Even though food is the easiest thing to focus on, there is more going on than just food.

To really make life changes we have to get practical and real. There is an opportunity to:

  • Learn how stress impacts your digestion
  • Understand how there is deeper transformation that can happen for you
  • And ultimately create a healthy relationship with food that’s doable.

For this to happen, you need another person along for the ride. You need individual support and trust that you can rely on. A safe place you can go deep and really address the challenges you are facing.

If you are ready for the fastest, most effective way forward, you need a place to express your stuff and work through it that goes beyond a good therapist just listening or an online course giving your more information.

I invite you to check out the 6 month Healthy Eating one on one Program. In this program you’ll receive:

  • 2 one hour Skype calls per month
  • unlimited email support
  • 911 Empathy calls

The investment of the program is:

$225 per month for 6 months.


Interested? Drop me a line at hello [at] kfoleywellness [dot] com. I can’t wait to hear from you!


  • I’m excited to tell you that I’m in the beginning phases of a new journey that will hopefully, in the end, allow me to feel fulfilled and righteous in my choices, while also nourishing my body (and soul) with food and autonomy. So yes, now, when I’m salivating over the thought of making a burger my bitch, I get to bitching. And when I feel like my body needs some energy and peace, I give it what it craves in that moment (usually, for me, fruits and veggies). But the most important thing Kathryn taught me was to be thankful for the food I was about to eat at every meal and to eat each morsel as the blessing of nutrition it was going to bring my body. I didn’t realize how important that really was, until I started actually blessing my food and taking a moment to be grateful for it.
    E. Craig, Pittsburgh, PA
  • When I first reached out to Kathryn, I was struggling with binge eating and constant preoccupation with food. I was slowly becoming more isolated and small. I felt unable to live my life or build relationships because controlling food was the most important thing, every single day. I had completely lost touch with my desires. The tipping point came when I realized how unhealthy my actions and daily activities had become. I knew I was using food to “deal” with the rest of my life, and I finally accepted that something had to shift. I had never worked with a health coach or therapist before so it was a new experience. The most transformational part of my time with Kathryn has been the wide-open door I can now see in my own life. A gaping portal to desire and pleasure. Food is sexy, I am sexy, and baby that’s the way it is. If there’s something I prefer, I am allowed to prefer it. I am now expanding instead of shrinking, and that freedom has invited me to accept parts of myself I thought I would never even admit. Now I eat and exercise out of love for myself, I brainstorm desires for my future, and I am my own greatest cheerleader. If a friend or family member asked me about my experience with Kathryn, I would absolutely recommend her. I never feel hesitant to share my deepest “stuff” with her, and that has led to healing and support in so many ways. I will sing her praises till my lungs burst. She truly is a Pirate Queen and champion of the divine feminine in us all.
    Maddie W., AL
  • karenbultiauw-headshotI was about to start my final (and most stressful) term at drama school when I saw Kathryn’s offer on Yes and Yes’ Network of Nice. I was a bit hesitant but then decided that any help to get through one of the most stressful times of my life would be more than welcome. I had never worked with a health coach before so this was a bit of a daunting/exciting/odd new thing for me. I didn’t know exactly what to expect and was rather nervous. However Kathryn immediately put me at ease during our first Skype consultation. I felt like we’d been friends for years and felt safe and supported as we talked. I’ve come to appreciate food and its nourishing properties so much more. It’s been quite liberating to not beat myself up so much about what/when/where I eat. Working with Kathryn also helped me become much more self-aware and appreciative of who I am as a person and the things I have achieved in my life so far. Right now, I’m rekindling my love affair with teaching, writing a musical with a friend and working towards my new dream of starting a small theatre company. All while cooking for my foodie boyfriend and enjoying the beautiful food he throws at me regularly. If anyone asks, “So, how’d it go with Kathryn, anyway? Should I reach out to her?” — I would say, Yes. Yes. And YES. If you’re looking for someone who will offer clarity in your goals and help you not be such a hard-ass on yourself and love yourself more then Kathryn is your girl. Plus you can also geek out over Benedict Cumberbatch together. Talk about a bonus.