The rumors are true: I work for chocolate.

In May I have 2 30-minute Chocolate Sessions to help young women unravel a particularly difficult eating issue.

Maybe the issue has never come up before. Maybe you've been struggling with emotional eating issues for years and you have an idea as to the root cause.

You need a safe place to land. That's where I come in.

You can spill all the beans with me. Tell me what's going on for you, why it bothers you, and what you'd like to see happen if I could wave a magic wand.

If you believed it was not about food, tell me what you think it's about.

Some of the perks you might notice:

  • Losing the weight of self-hate and rejection
  • Help in identifying the easiest ways to eat with less stress
  • The creation of a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself and your body
  • A sounding board to help you work through difficult emotions

There is a good reason you reach for food. I'm here to help you see what that reason is.

By the end of our session you will have a better feel for my coaching style, and I will have a better idea of the genius hiding behind your eating challenges. That way when you or someone you know needs eating psychology coaching you'll know if I'm your girl.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you really working for chocolate? What's the catch?

I... just really like chocolate. And I like hearing (and helping) people who are struggling with body image and emotional eating issues.

What do we talk about?

Whatever you'd like to talk about! Some people have ongoing patterns with food, like overeating at night, and sometimes people just need personal support during a difficult time.

The goal is to help you feel less stressed about food and your emotions in 30 minutes, which is entirely possible.

What kind of chocolate should I send?

There's no right or wrong kind of chocolate. If you have a favorite, or something local, that's great. But don't stress about sending the right type. I am an equal opportunity chocolate lover :)

Where should I send the chocolate?

Kathryn Foley

221 Hot Springs Rd

Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Is there any guarantee?

It hasn't happened yet, but if you think the 30 minutes was a total waste of time, then there's no need to send any chocolate. No worries.