April 4, 2014

Internet Inspiration – April 4, 2014

Happy Friday, Friends! Today I’m busy prepping for a new Groupon offer at my gym! Gotta get all the systems in place before people come. Is […]
April 2, 2014

Your Appetite is Not a Weakness

I opened one of my favorite catalogs the other day, so psyched for a new season of workout clothes (and hopefully some good swimsuits). The magazine […]
March 28, 2014

Internet Inspiration – March 28, 2014

Hilarious. I’m surprised no one did this sooner. Pride and Prejudice set to “Hungry Eyes.” This is also hilarious, even though it’s a tease. A magician […]
March 26, 2014

Sometimes “Let It Go” is BS

Sometimes, in our rush to “let it go” and be equanimous, like all the gurus tell us, we forget that some sh*t is just not ok. […]