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April 6, 2016
Internet Inspiration – April 17, 2016
April 17, 2016

Internet Inspiration – April 10, 2016

My new favorite thing. An interactive checklist for when you feel like shit.

21 snarky, profanity-filled products you can get me for my birthday.

All my UK friends and Neflix aficionados, why didn’t you tell me about the Great British Baking Show? It is a friggin’ DELIGHT to watch and if you need something to either watch or have as background noise, I highly recommend it.

Some throwbacks on the blog:

The Body Image Complex. 

I realize now that what my body wanted “OUT!” was stuff that wasn’t mine to begin with: expectations, shoulds, pressure. My body is no longer able to digest that kind of thing, and the hardest thing I’m learning to do this year is to stay faithful to myself.

What happens if you can hold space for your own process, even when you think you’re doing everything wrong.