Mathematics of Metabolism
December 2, 2015
End Result vs Experience
December 9, 2015

Internet Inspiration – December 4, 2015

Need to make some homemade holiday gifts? Peppermint lip balm!

Gay men give advice to straight men. Love this.

In case you thought patriarchy was dead, here are all the things women have been banned from wearing this year. *headdesk*

This man was in prison for 44 years. I think we all have an idea of how much the world has changed, but can you imagine be reacclimating to society after 44 years away?

I’m participating in December reflections over on instagram and twitter. You should join!

Loved this interview with Nigella Lawson on how thinness can’t be the highest goal.

Also, if you’ve known three people you love very much die of cancer, you do not equate extreme thinness with healthiness.

My friend pointed out these Frida painting leggings. She gets me.

I really enjoyed reading Ryan Holiday’s list of everything he learned from reading in 2015. Reading through his conclusions makes me realize that I don’t read very effectively, although I’d dearly love to do so. It was fun poking around his website for tips on how and what to read, and I plan to put these tips into practice in 2016.