Internet Inspiration – September 18, 2015
September 18, 2015
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September 29, 2015

Internet Inspiration – September 25, 2015

I really loved this article about Roz the Diva, a pole dancer who’s “too fat for fitness.” All bodies are good bodies. All bodies are designed to move joyfully.

How your brain heals itself. Amazing. And I’m reading a book now called BodyMind, which explores the chicken and the egg question for emotions vs posture and movement patterns.

“We have been habituated to a way of thinking,” notes Doidge, which derives from what he calls the military metaphor of medicine, “the idea that the patient is merely the passive battleground where the two antagonists, the doctor and the disease, fight it out. The patient’s job is to endure until the doctor comes up with something, or, these days, to become involved in a fundraising event that will send money to researchers so they or the drug companies can come up with the answer.” But the plastic brain, capable of so much, still needs the help of mind and body to realize its possibilities.

Loved this list of books that changed lives. A lot of my top picks are represented here.

Women model their most unflattering outfits. I’m into it.

Awesome notes on writing memoir.

Memoir gets a bad rap because many of its practitioners treat it sloppily and without respect. They forget about their audience. They forget that they have a mandate to shape the material into something beyond a diary entry or a rant. They also confuse honesty and confession. Honesty is not the same as confession … Confessing means asking the reader for something — for forgiveness, for punishment, for some kind of response that makes you feel less alone. Honesty means offering something to the reader — a piece of yourself or a set of suggestions. Honesty means making the reader feel less alone. Honesty is inherently generous. Confession is inherently needy and intrusive. – Meghan Daum

Alex Franzen had a few good ones that I missed because I keep forgetting to check her site: