Dying the Metaphorical Death
September 16, 2015
Internet Inspiration – September 25, 2015
September 25, 2015

Internet Inspiration – September 18, 2015

The Last of the Granny Witches.

Send out your magic. Don’t be the last of your kind. We are the daughters of the Celts and the offspring of Druids and medieval mavens and the natives of the old world craft. And yes, God knows your name. Tell your tales and bewitch history, just like the mother mountains with her ages of charm and mystery, where peaches have never grown.

I really loved this article, Your anxiety isn’t an excuse to be an asshole. We all have our stuff, and we all get to determine the rules for how others treat us. So if I am not able to be a good friend to you, you get to tell me and, if needed, exit the relationship.

LOVE this Walk of No Shame video with Amber Rose!

The best parenting advice.

  • Worried your friend’s child has mastered the alphabet quicker than your child? Calm the fuck down.

  • Scared you’re not imparting the wisdom your child will need to survive in school and beyond? Calm the fuck down.

How Atheists Find Meaning in a Purposeless Universe.

Here’s what I’m afraid will happen if I ask you to coffee. [Warning: I’ll definitely talk about CrossFit.]

American literature’s most epic road trips.

Even though this article is about tips on how to declutter your house, I was most interested in the symbolism of where there’s clutter in your house.