Internet Inspiration – August 21, 2015
August 21, 2015
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September 4, 2015

Internet Inspiration – August 28, 2015

So it looks like I inadvertently took an August Break, despite my initial thoughts for this month. I think I needed it (note to self: please schedule a vacation and don’t wait till you fall into one by accident). Make sure we’re friends on Instagram or Facebook (or both!) so you can see my posts from #augustbreak2015.

You’re not being a “bad person” when you refuse to carry the emotional weight for others.

We’ve been taught to pride ourselves on the levels of our endurance to bear the responsibility for the emotional aspects of our relationships.  The willingness to put up with it is rooted in a sense of scarcity; the notion that the crumbs we’re receiving are the best we can get.

It’s possible to love and be loved from a place of fullness, not deprivation.

As we learn to mother ourselves, over time, we become our own primary source of love. As we do this, our outer relationships begin to reflect the inner safety we’ve already created in ourselves. It has to happen on this inside first, then it happens on the outside.

There is nothing like being loved by someone who is already “full from within,” who has no agenda and nothing to extract from you to “feed” themselves.

Someone recommended this article to me, where athletes talk about their body image. I liked it, and I recommend it, but there’s something about the whole discussion that still feels defensive to me, and where I really want to see this movement go is away from defense and into reality. I want to write more on this topic, but honestly the most refreshing body image post I’ve read recently came from a clothing review on someone’s personal blog.

Notice the difference between the waist and hip measurements on the large size. Most strength athlete ladies I know have a much higher waist to hip difference. My booty is nearly 10 inches bigger in diameter.

So I moved on.

I love this. There’s so much sovereignty in that passage; it just notes that these shorts are somewhat separated from reality and moves on. The clothing company isn’t wrong, her body isn’t wrong, it’s just not a good fit. It’s not a Right Purchase for her. More of this please.

30 people who achieved success after 30. The most uplifting thing I read all week.