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August 11, 2015
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August 28, 2015

Internet Inspiration – August 21, 2015

23 emotions we all feel that we didn’t know the names for. Thank you.

I can’t stop rereading this True Story of Medusa. Amazing. And it’s especially helpful, because I usually regard Medusa in her negative form, as something that’s going to turn me to stone (so I’d better be perfect when that happens!). I loved this alternate perspective.

To look upon me was to turn to stone,
for no mortal can withstand the direct gaze of divinity.
Once again Athena’s jealousy was enraged
and she ordered my death.
Having created me, she needed me slain.

I think I need this shirt.

Another example of how the Bechdel test is a hilariously low bar.

We are at the part of the argument where I realize I’m wrong.

Upon realizing that I am totally wrong and you are totally right, I guess I only have one option: double the fuck down.