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February 10, 2015
Role-Lock and Role Models
February 27, 2015

Internet Inspiration – February 13, 2015

Happy Galentine’s Day!!

How to draw anything. This is adorable. And easy!

Mount Holyoke has cancelled its annual performance of The Vagina Monologues this year because they believe it presents a narrow view of womanhood. I’ll be honest: I never liked the Vagina Monologues and the best thing my university ever did was add The Vagina Dialogues to their performance so that our students could write their own acts about sexuality, identity, orientation, relationships. The Vagina Dialogues remain some of the most compelling performances I’ve ever seen.

I know I have a lot of books to read, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting the top poetry books of 2014.

And here is a list of the Best Books of 2014. I really want to read Station Eleven. Let me swiftly read all the other books on my list!

Also, here are some great resolutions ideas if you’re still looking for your 2015 focus.

My current favorite eye makeup routine. Actually, though, I’m seeing a pattern here. This look is the one I might want to try this weekend for a bachelorette party (also, if you’re only following one makeup channel on youtube, make it Lisa Eldridge) , and I’m also kind of intrigued by these two where the color is between the eyes.

This is the first time I’ve heard of the Adipositivity Project, where photographer Substantia Jones takes pictures of fat people and their partners. Love. [This post does contain nudity and is probably NSFW.]

If you’re wanting some plants for your home, here are some magical plant meanings. You can buy me fuschia roses for a gift if you want. I love roses, and I wouldn’t mind something that reinforces, “A lust for life, radical self love, deep love and acceptance of your physical body.” Warning, if you have any sort of black thumb, the hilariously nicknamed “Mother In Law Plant” is the longest living plant I have.

This is so random, but I do want the life I’d have if Stanley Tucci were my boyfriend. Who the hell writes this stuff?

If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, you would own a good cheese knife. Nothing pretentious. You wouldn’t need a whole set. Just one. But it would be perfect, and you would never have trouble sliding Camembert pieces off of it. You would be the kind of person who invests in small, good, useful things. You would treat yourself with compassion, and you would never eat Cheetos in the shower.