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April 16, 2014
The Body Image Complex
April 30, 2014

Internet Inspiration – April 25, 2014

A new music recommendation, with some profoundly beautiful lyrics.

This beet salad recipe looks delicioso. Also, Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

How did I not know Fat Nutritionist existed before? I agree wholeheartedly with this entire post.

What I am saying:  “People have the literal, legal right to eat any food they like, because human beings are condemned to be free. Food choices cannot make you a better or worse person, and food choices are only one factor among many that influence health.”

What I’m not saying:  “No food choice ever has an impact on health, and you can eat anything you like without having it impact your health in any way.”

An awesome domino metaphor from Chris.

The problem with your life is that your dominoes are stacked end-to-end. There is no room for error.

You, the evangelist of the unconventional, require absolute conformity from these dominoes. If one piece tips over, they all fall down.

I’m probably biased because Havi used the letter K, but I really enjoyed the Quality Compass of K Words she made for herself to ground her during Rally.

South is for knocking, a word that always makes me think of Bryan. During Long, Slow and Deep, he talks about knocking for what seems like forever.

He says that when you are in a yoga pose that is stretching you, it is important to remember that you aren’t trying to make something happen. You aren’t barging down the door. You’re waiting for permission to come in.

These parts of you that you are trying to reach and get close to through yoga….you’re waiting patiently for them to let you in. And you knock to let them know you’re there.

Have you all been watching Vikings on The History Channel? I want Lagertha to be my life coach. And also I want my hair to look like hers at all times. But Sarah is more on my level with some insanely easy summer hairstyles.

And another one from Havi, this her 250th Personal Ad on her site. It’s perfect. Beautiful notes on Pleasure.

TIP stands for Trust In Pleasure. It is related to my mision of Self-Treasuring and taking exquisite care of myself.

Tipping means knowing and remembering that taking a long bath with epsom salts and lovely oils is not a waste of my time and it is not “indulgence”, it is trusting that this pleasurable experience is deeply healing, and the more pleasure I allow in, the more healing.

I’ll admit that I’m terrible at this game, but I like it. You have to create a solar system with 12 planets and have it survive for 500 years. You get more points for bigger planets, but everything exerts a gravitational force, and then you have… Super Planet Crash!

And this science experiment was awesome and informative. I have since noticed that when I make right turns in my car the right-side speakers cut out, and vice versa on the left. Clearly the oxygen is sloshing around everywhere.

I love all these ideas of games to play while people watching. The Reddit thread, as always, is hilarious.

There are fish that swim directly from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without using the Panama Canal. It’s possible to swim from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without the Panama Canal. Amazing.

A very interesting read from Clinton Kelly on the true message of What Not to Wear. Worth reading this piece and the essay that inspired it (link in post).

WNTW showed women the futility of wanting something (to feel pretty) but engaging in an activity (wearing crappy clothes) that moves you further away from your want. 

Isn’t that desire worth exploring? Is it possible that feeling pretty might make you happier? You really can’t blame a woman for taking that idea out for a test drive. Some women are willing to do it on national television. And more power to them.

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