The Iron is Kind: Thoughts on Disappointment
March 5, 2014
Internet Inspiration – March 14, 2014
March 14, 2014

Snippets, Snark, and Selfies.

I always miss you guys when I don’t write to you. But I don’t have a fully fleshed out article for you this week, even though I want to connect.


  • I wrote an article yesterday and edited it today. It had to do with asking for what you want, because a parent of a rower I coach told me a story about how her husband will drive out and buy her milkshakes and cookies when she’s having a bad day. She thinks he enables her. I wonder if she allows him to show her affection any other way. When’s the last time you told a loved one how to support you? When’s the last time you asked specifically for what you needed?
  • For all my clients that hate the hard advice I give them, I just want you to know that I also have a really hard taking my own advice. So, if it helps, know that I’m teaching what I need to learn (in a big, resistance-filled way).
  • I hosted a weightlifting seminar over the weekend at my gym, and it. was. a. BLAST! And it turns out I’m really good at weightlifting and may join a local team! This is perfect, because I’m terrible at CrossFit; I just like lifting heavy things.
  • Ricky Martin and J.Lo have teamed up for a song and I love it. I love Ricky and J.Lo, period. Always and forever.
  • I ordered new art for my apartment and I’m so psyched about it. I’ll make sure and show you pictures once it’s all arrived and arranged. Also, I don’t want you to get too jealous, but I will be hanging a faux deer antler painted GOLD in my bedroom to store jewels and robes. It’s so delightfully tacky that it’s actually not tacky at all.


  • Boss Bitch is Large and In Charge this week. Everything I read, listen to, or participate in elicits a response from me that is rough, raw, and fierce. And not always kind.
  • I hate it when people use slashes in their writing. It may be irrational, but I had a terrible boss that, in the space of a 7-sentence email, could use upwards of 20 slashes. Just pick the word you want, dammit!
  • I also hate the trend of “+” instead of “&”. That’s false; I have no issue with the “+” except that it’s so trendy and people use it unnaturally. I don’t think they really mean “+”. They probably would rather have a comma.
  • really hate it when people drive in the lane next to you and match their front bumper up with your back bumper and then sandwich you in behind someone that’s going 20 mph below the speed limit.
  • Yesterday the weather was beautiful and four stinkbugs found their way into my apartment through my air conditioning unit. It’s been spring for 12 hours, bugs! Shouldn’t you still be hibernating?!
  • Pro Tip: If you’re on an hourlong conference call with 30 other people, it is not appropriate for you to hijack the conversation for 15 minutes to discuss your very specific (and somewhat self-perpetuated) problem. We’re all here to learn, man.
  • I hate disposing of mice I’ve caught in snap traps. And I’ll end that thought right there.


Did I tell you guys that I’m doing a selfie challenge for 2014? I rarely take pictures, and definitely don’t think to take pictures of myself. So every day I take a picture of myself and write myself a little love note. I’m so crazy about them. And since I have few words for you this week, here are some of my favorite selfies for the year:

selfie1.30.2014 selfie2.3.2014 selfie2.11.2014 selfie2.21.2014 selfie2.23.2014 selfie2.25.2014 selfie3.6.2014 selfie3.11.2014