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Is Love Available, Even Here? Teatime With Yourself
March 19, 2014
Sometimes “Let It Go” is BS
March 26, 2014

Internet Inspiration – March 21, 2014

So JRR Tokien translated Beowulf and it’s going to be released this year. The best decision I made in high school was not taking AP English Literature and avoiding both Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales in Old English. Will the new translation compel me to read it? I dunno. (Also, there are scrolling ads on this link and I think they might give me a seizure. Be warned.)

The Winners of the 2014 Sony World Photography Competition. #22 is my absolute favorite.

A friend of a friend of a friend started this kickass blog. I’m def sending in my top books! What would be in your canon? From their about page:

“The power of a personal canon, secret or not, lies in the authority one needs to create it. Women need to trust that they know what’s good, what’s bad, and what serves them intellectually in order to reject or reclaim the books in their lives. […] What “No Regrets” argues for most powerfully is the right of women to reject that line of thinking and to believe that they are qualified to decide what literature should be. It argues for the public claiming of formerly secret canons: the right to create your own vision of what is best in the culture and to have that vision influence what books other people read and value.” – Sady Doyle, “The Perils of Reading While Female,” In These Times, 2014.

We are GIRL CANON, and we want to know what you read.

64 facts that will make you happy. It’s true. My favorite is the first: that hundreds of new trees get planted every year simply because squirrels forget where they hid their nuts.

Here are 11 Cool Posters of the US, if you’re looking for art.

A few weeks ago Chris Guillebeau wrote about traveling alone, and the comments on that post were wonderful. Here are some highlights, all saying how I feel more eloquently than I could.

Speaking of traveling, loved these 6 ways to preserve your travel memories from Sarah. I’ll definitely keep these in mind for my upcoming trips!

A beautiful essay from Nicci on… well, it’s on a lot of things. I can’t shake this one phrase from my mind, “They honored the sign’s words and I walked out, honoring my coordinates in the time continuum.”

Ben made baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning, the day Margot stumbled through molasses into waking. I considered hurrying her along but instead leaned into the beauty of this morning: a delicious breakfast finishing in the oven while my four year-old daughter stood on a chair and fired questions at Ben about glaciers and my six year-old daughter pressed her sleepy cheek into my collar bone, breathing a heavy newborn breath. I decided we’d take this morning as it was coming at us: with grace.

I notice these kinds of cues from my kids. I choose not to start our days by rushing out the door. I choose not to do this because I have done it – on many occasions – and it always ends badly. Usually with me apologizing for raising my voice while hugging my kid who is frustrated from my impatience and crummy listening skills. Everyone is grumpy and flustered. It’s a bad way to start our day. Actually, in my opinion, there is no reason, for my two little girls to begin their days that way.

I don’t actually recall how I stumbled across this interview with author Tom Spanbauer, but I really enjoyed it.

I think really your larger question though is how do you prepare for a long journey into darkness. Believe me, I won’t make the mistake again. What happens is the world you are creating becomes more real than the one you’re living and your poor body gets confused. I just watched Black Swan and totally related.

My suggestions for anybody going on a journey like this is to always be mindful of your body. Don’t lose attention to it. Your body needs friends and good dinners and good sex and time away from the writing—a respite—whatever that means to you. Wilderness hiking, shopping for shoes, wandering through Hippo Hardware, or walking over Portland’s bridges. Anything that feeds you. There’s an acupuncture spot in the center of both your palms. Those spots are called The Palace Of Weariness. And it’s where the Prince went to get away from it all. For each person I guess that palace is different.