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March 12, 2014
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Is Love Available, Even Here? Teatime With Yourself
March 19, 2014

Internet Inspiration – March 14, 2014

Friends, I can’t believe I didn’t do Internet Inspiration last week! I’ll blame a lack of links, but the real culprit is Bloglovin. I hate it. And so I don’t read blogs anymore. Why did they shut down Google Reader??? And who has a better suggestion??

But, in happier news, today is Pi day, which is usually also celebrated with Pie. Tomorrow is the Ides of March, and next Friday is my younger bro’s birthday! An exciting week!

I’ve read similar essays, but they’re always worth a share. What I learned from 50 naked bodies.

Incredible essay showcasing pictures that sat, undeveloped, for 50 years. Since they’ve been discovered, they’ve gained international attention.

Maier’s work is particularly evocative for those who grew up in the 50′s and 60′s because she seemed to stare deep into the soul of the time and preserve the everyday experience of the people. She ventured outside the comfortable homes and picturesque residential neighborhoods of her employers to document all segments of life in and around the big city.

If you read The Valley of Horses at age 12, like I did, then you may remember the old carvings of the Earth Mother (or Doni, as Jondalar called her). Or, you know, maybe you read that book at a more mature age or learned about the carvings in school or something. I think the exaggerated features have slightly puzzled people for years, but this essay posits that women probably designed them based on the features they saw if they looked down at their own bodies. Amazing.

Looks like I’ve been reading a lot of photoessays this week. I really loved this essay that showcases women and animal symbolism. I think I’ve mentioned it here, but my totem is the Raven, and I think also maybe the Heron and the Vulture.

And another photoessay! Here is some incredible sand art in the Sahara that’s still intact after 17 years!

A beautiful essay from Rashard Mendenhall on why he’s retiring from the NFL at age 26. Poignant, honest, and very well-written.

I’ve always been a professional. But I am not an entertainer. I never have been. Playing that role was never easy for me. The box deemed for professional athletes is a very small box. My wings spread a lot further than the acceptable athletic stereotypes and conformity was never a strong point of mine. My focus has always been on becoming a better me, not a second-rate somebody else. Sometimes I would suffer because of it, but every time I learned a lesson from it. And I’ll carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life.

Hilarious and educational: If WWI was a bar fight.

I really love this wanderer’s manifesto. But mostly I love it when people remember what’s true for them and honor it. What would your manifesto be?