My 2014 Resolution
January 1, 2014
You Don’t Have to Prove It
January 6, 2014

Internet Inspiration – January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I really liked these food-related resolutions from Marc David. The first two especially, Be an “Ordinary” Eater and Show Up for Yourself, are profoundly important.

The Year in Science 2014. Amazing stuff.

Nearly 25 Years of Fatherhood and All I’ve Got are These 3 Lousy Tips. I think they’re pretty accurate for most relationships.

Thanks to Gala Darling and the Facebook community for many tips on what to do if you realize that you’re the one judging all the time. (hint: you’re not alone, and usually the realization is a big part of the solution.)

Pittsburgh rules.

I probably link to Penelope Trunk too often, but I love her posts. Here’s her roundup of the most popular posts of 2013.

Loved this piece about the impact of mobile devices and social media on our love lives.

Consider the plot twists in our own lives, moments that hinged on uncertainty, when communication was tenuous and all information was not laid out before us. Modern technology has made our world smaller and our lives easier, but perhaps it also has diminished life’s mysteries, and with them, some sense of romance.

Elizabeth Gilbert is so wonderful.

I believe that [Writer’s Block] happens (and I have experienced it) but I don’t believe that it is a stand-alone psychological disorder. I believe that Writer’s Block is a symptom, usually, of some other actual psychological disorder (depression, anxiety, narcissism, alcoholism, extreme competitiveness, fear, etc).

I combat it through gentleness toward the self. Anything you fight, after all, fights you back. So I don’t fight Writer’s Block. I just try to coerce, persuade, encourage, bribe, and trick myself into returning to work.

Last, but certainly not least, The Word from Susannah Herself.