Slowly, Then All At Once
January 22, 2014
In Which I Post Journal Entries
January 29, 2014

Internet Inspiration – January 24, 2014

Unlike last week, this week has not been a tabstravaganza, and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because of the cold. Who knows. I just want to hang out in bed and read real (paper) books.

But I have a few great links for you this week. Enjoy! And enjoy your weekends!

I am 100% pro-selfies. And I’ve actually made one of my little resolutions for 2014 to take a selfie every day and write myself a little love note to remember myself from that day. It actually turned out to be an interesting exercise over the past few weeks when I’ve been dying each evening and waking up new each morning.

I digress. Here are 19 grandparents taking better selfies than you.

I am also 1000% pro-tattoos. And I loved this piece from Susannah about her new cover-up tattoo.

As I cycled through the what-have-I-dones and panic that first morning, I lay down on my bed, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. And it was then that I remembered that I am not my body. That I am  — that we all are — so much bigger than the molecules that’ve clustered together to create these body shapes. We’re here on earth for a while, and then we’re not. Our bodies will turn to dust and be gone. And it was the simple remembrance of the impermanence of being alive that put everything back into perspective for me. Nuff said.

Yoga Body – The Backlash.

I have to admit, as enlightened as I may feel myself to be about body image issues, I would rather submit to a dentist drill than publicly post fat pictures of myself on the internet. And when it comes to relentless self-improvement, I’m addicted as anyone to the possibility that with just a little more discipline and elbow grease, the right diet and the right derrière flattering yoga pants, l can bring forth into existence that, super-together, uber-organized, blissed out, svelte yogini version of myself. In short, my yoga body will prove I am in control of my life. Yet I well know the price I pay. Self–acceptance. Being present with gratitude and reverence for the life and the body I have now.

Silke is such a badass.

But the good thing about having 62 miles to run, is that you’ve got plenty of time to work things out in your head. So I fought back. I convinced myself that even though my strengths as a MUT runner comes on the gnarlier, rougher, steeper, mountainous terrain, I am still a runner. I might not be able to break 3 hours in a road marathon, but an untrained 3:19 a few months ago is not half bad. I yelled at the daemons in my head and pulled myself away from that ledge.  Yes, those women are infinitely faster and more accomplished runners than me but it didn’t matter. I needed to continue running smoothly and do my own thing as best as I could possibly do it.

I didn’t know I loved dance tribute videos, but I TOTALLY DO!