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November 6, 2013
What’s Going On With Me Right Now – Projections
November 13, 2013

Internet Inspiration – November 8, 2013

Loved this piece from Kim Anami about what truly makes a great lover.

I actually like a lot of these decluttering tips. I think the ship has mostly sailed for me paring down my book collection, but otherwise I like them.

My blog designer has a new site and I’m crazy about it. I even bought a starter watercolor kit this week so I could try my hand at painting!

Reddit does it again. This time Non-Americans sound off on the weirdest things Americans find normal.

My friend Silke is an inspiring, marathoning, trail-running badass, and I loved hearing about her training with Amelia, a passionate, blind runner.

A beautiful piece from Marissa Moondaughter. I especially appreciate how she referenced different archetypes in her experience: the crone, the maiden, etc. It’s a very interesting perspective.

As Brene Brown so eloquently pointed out, “If students were responsible for this TIME cover, they’d be expelled for bullying. We need to stop asking “what’s wrong with kids today” and start demanding a higher level of debate and discussion in this country. We need to be the adults that we want our children to become.” Fat shaming is fat shaming, and it has no place here.

I… have many thoughts on the “thigh gap” debate, most of which I’m not sure I can articulate. But I appreciate Jen’s perspective here. “I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have goals, and that they shouldn’t take work; the sacrifice of time and energy. But I am strongly suggesting we examine whether or not our stated goals make a lick of sense before we pursue them. I’m suggesting that we consciously, joyously choose not to let one shred of our self worth be determined by what is — or is not — between our legs.”