The Practice of Eating
November 20, 2013
How to Watch Football if You’re Not Really a Fan
November 25, 2013

Internet Inspiration – November 22, 2013

Less than one week until US Thanksgiving! It’s one of my favorite holidays!

Guys, I can’t with this cuteness. I don’t want a dog, but if I had one, I’d want him to take naps with my child.

If you’re looking for a show to watch, I humbly suggest Sleepy Hollow as an option. In addition to being a pretty awesome show, the cast is completely adorable.

I’m not really into body shaming in either direction, so I can’t really hate on the thigh gap as a thing, but I needed to read Elizabeth Akinwale say my exact thoughts, “I haven’t read those [articles] in detail because I’m preoccupied with thinking about how awesome it is to have big, full contact thighs ….”

Tumblr for me is kind of like Monty Python, wherein when I try to watch it I don’t really “get” it, but when other people filter it for me I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I eat my apples to the quick anyway, but I’m always glad to see that I can officially eat apple cores (and pear cores too, for that matter).

I’m really not sure why these birth plan articles keep showing up in my feed, but the truth is that I’m fascinated by birth plans. In so many ways I think birth is a final frontier of personal choice, and I love me a family that truly honors themselves and their needs. “Instead my real birth plan is this:  ’Be yourself, and do the very best you can’.”

And I love this home makeover. The best part is how Emily links to all the sources so I can re-create it!

Everyone has their methods for giving money to good causes, but if you’re currently in need, my friend’s brother and sister-in-law are raising money for IVF scholarships. Bonus: if you donate, Julie will knit you a self-referential hat. Everybody wins!

Split Faces Photography project. Now I want to do this with every single family member. [via Sometimes Sweet]

Liz Gilbert once again says what everyone else WISHES they could articulate. “We must sincerely try to love all people. But when some people act like total dicks, love them only from a safe distance.”

The type of wine you are based on your Meyers-Briggs Profile. I’ll admit to being bummed that I wasn’t sangría or champagne, but maybe the fact that I’m the opposite is what makes me like those drinks (and people) so much?

* stands and applauds *

When you work with actual human beings, you must be a nutritional agnostic.

Open to evaluating anything and everything that could work. Willing to test new methods, even if they fly in the face of current beliefs or practices. And express the humility to sometimes be wrong, even if you really like being right. (Which I do.)

If I believe too strongly in any particular “nutritional religion”, I fixate on the food itself. Or my own personal way of looking at food. And I lose focus on what’s most important as a coach: my clients and their individual physiological and psychological needs.