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October 30, 2013
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November 6, 2013

Internet Inspiration – November 1, 2013

November? Srsly?

If you were going to follow JUST ONE fashion blog, make it Sal at Already Pretty. I loved her retrospective on personal style.

I realize that, literally, this relates to nothing at all that we discuss on this blog, but figuratively I really appreciated this piece on the option to not cut your baby’s umbilical cord after birth.

The truth is, we’re all just grasping at straws. Sure, there’s medicine and science, but anyone who thinks those things are definitive argument settlers for what to do regarding childbirth, much less that just because you’ve decided how you think it should be that you can even be sure that’s how it WILL be, has never been on the Internet or in a delivery room.

Years ago I went with my youngest brother to buy jeans for him, and he was thrown off by the price of jeans. So I asked him how many times he expected to wear these jeans. Did he think he’d wear them often enough that the price of the jeans would go to $1 per wear or less? He told me this year that he’s never forgotten that reframing of price. Here is The Minimalists’ take on full vs sale price.

I want to change my style, and so I’m not entirely sure how I found this blog (bless the rabbit hole of the internet!) but Tonya is reminding me of my LOVE for All Things French. Check out this post on the difference between the French Dream and the American Dream.

Why yes, I would like my bedroom to look exactly like this. Except instead of blue I’d like purple and orange. And except that I actually want all these things in my current living room.

I don’t want to make you all super jealous, but if you follow me on twitter you saw that I learned to knit and have been busy making minion hats (obviously) for everyone I know. Halloween is the funnest of ALL the holidays!

For some reason Huffington Post has been killing it lately. I tend to not follow them because I can always clearly see how they’re trying to manipulate me (into clicking links) and I’m pretty contrarian when it comes to stuff like that. But I enjoyed these two pieces.

I’m not gonna tell you you’re beautiful.

Broken loveliness is the world’s most common language. We all speak it so we might as well get fluent.


THIS is why I f-ing love teenage girls.

Because even with every single f***ing thing a teenage girl has to deal with, they still manage to do something so mind blowing, yet completely simple: love, unabashedly.

You know those girls everyone loves to sh*t all over? The ones who really f***ing love something? Those girls, man. They take all that energy, all that circulating fire in their veins, and instead of letting it destroy them, they choose to love, ferociously. Be it a band, or a book, or a series of films. They do it to keep themselves sane, and yet we mock them for it. Teenage girls find a buoy for themselves in the sea of emotional ruin, and they hold on tighter than anyone else.

The real question is, why don’t I already have a Frida Kahlo flower crown? Luckily I think I can make one.

I am getting more and more into Reddit after years of not quite “getting” it. But I loved this thread about “What is the sexiest thing the opposite sex does without even realizing it?” So awesome.