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October 23, 2013
Emotional Eating and the Human Experience
October 30, 2013

Internet Inspiration – October 25, 2013

Peeps, I’ve finally had time and energy to go through my blogroll after weeks of not being into it, so get psyched for A LOT of links.


Have we talked about my love for names yet? I have a love. And I loved watching this map of six decades of the most popular names in the US.

This piece by Jenny McCarthy was beautiful. I am a devotee of The Work as well, and I loved the line, “The first act of war is defense.” How many times have I tried to justify my thoughts to myself? Or to others?

Dig this Chick strikes again with amazing recipes. Kale for everyone!!!

I think I found this blog because I googled the Anaïs Nin quote (ps, since we’re talking about names – I f-ing love the name Anaïs and have since college. Dibs!) But I so recognize this sensation of the risk of blossoming vs the pain of the status quo.

Twice in my life I’ve been given Frida Kahlo greeting card sets. And let me tell you, I consider it a high compliment to have received these gifts. And if you are ever the recipient of a handwritten note from me on said greeting card, you know where you stand, because you don’t give those cards to just anyone. Now I want to go to Mexico City to see this exhibit of Frida Kahlo’s clothes. [via Yes and Yes]

A very powerful message and realization from Sarah about A New Normal.

That Moment. Sometimes we don’t even notice that we’ve made the leap from openness to closed-off until all of a sudden it’s part of our biology. “The thing is that you can not open without unclenching. If you try to open while also holding resistance around your heart, you will find yourself dangerously contorted like if my janky body tried to perform with the contortionists at Cirque du Soleil. And nobody wants that. Not me. And certainly not you. And you’ll find that once you begin to unclench your body, that it will naturally begin to open. That is the result of relaxing: opening. You don’t beat the Chinese finger cuffs game by forcing it. Only by relaxing and loosening the resistance does the cuff begin to open.”

Oh Havi. My favorite. “I am feeling very excited and inspired by the idea of What If This Thing I’m Doing Turns Into This Other Thing. Or: What If I Think I’m Doing Great At Y, But Actually I Just Nailed Z, The Thing I Wasn’t Even Working Towards. This might be the world’s best superpower. In fact, it is the superpower I want for the next Rally, and possibly also for the rest of my life. I would like to accidentally have amazing accomplishments, while I am purposefully having other amazing accomplishments.”

The SB&J Burger from Well Fed 2 is the recipe I was most excited to make. I’m not really into bananas, but if you are, you should def make The Elvis Burger this weekend!

I’ve been thinking along the lines of this topic for a few weeks now, and I always appreciate Penelope’s perspective. “… there is memorizing a song and then there’s having the guts to play a song with your heart. It’s true with work, too. Each day I wake up and I hope I’ll have the guts to write a blog post. Do not send me topic ideas – I have a million…. Writing with guts means not just being right, but showing fear. It’s being vulnerable in front of the reader by wholly committing to something and letting everyone see you try to get it.”