Boring Plans vs Sexy Sponteneity
October 16, 2013
If I Trusted You
October 21, 2013

Internet Inspiration – October 18, 2013

I really love this… enhancement to landscape paintings.

I loved this epic customer service chat session. Wish all mine were like this.

Elizabeth Gilbert is my spirit animal. What Would My Inner Crone Do? “Is it safe? Of course not. Or, whatever. After 90 years of hard living, what does ‘safe’ even mean? They drink the water. These women plant vegetables in that radioactive soil and eat them. They butcher the wild pigs that scavenge around the old nuclear power plant, and eat them, too. Their point is: ‘We are old. What do have to fear from radioactivity? At this age? Who cares?’ All they want is their freedom.”

As if I needed more motivation to read fiction. It’ll help me read minds!

And here’s a primer on how to read tarot cards. Funny story: one night I really wanted to play Solitaire with cards but I didn’t have any so I used tarot cards. Now I won’t play with anything else 🙂 In fact, I think if I had a collection I’d like it to be Tarot cards.

Exquisite. “Sleep of the Beloved

Sometimes I think I’m smart, and then I read The Body Divine Blog. This week, a discussion on the “I am not my body” message from yoga. Definitely food for thought.

You know I want to wear crystals all. the. time. right? Well now that I see these macrame necklaces, I want to string crystals up in my apartment like hanging plants.