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September 27, 2013
Internet Inspiration – October 4, 2013
October 4, 2013

3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Experience

One thing I discuss a lot with my clients is the idea of pleasure and slowness when it comes to food and life. Generally the way we do food is almost directly correlated to how we do life. If you’re eating mindlessly, speeding through meals, or shoveling food in your mouth while you work in your cubicle, chances are that shows up in other areas of your life as well.

Slow is sexy. Slow is pleasurable. Slow is where healing and growth happen.

So here are three simple ways to upgrade your food experience, and many of them translate to upgrading your life experience and pleasure quotient as well.

1) Rituals and Tools

Ever found yourself mindlessly munching on food out of a bag? M&Ms? Chips, maybe? Cereal? Ramen?

Upgrade, baby.

Do you have a bowl? A beautiful one, preferably? Please consider eating out of that bowl instead of the bag.

Is there a perfect mug for your tea or coffee that will make you feel like you’re enjoying espresso on the patio of an Italian villa overlooking the Adriatic Sea? Drink your hot drinks from that.

Can you purchase beautiful lingerie and relaxation clothes for padding around your apartment?

2) Turn up the sensuality factor

Ask yourself, if in doubt, what is the SEXIEST choice I can make right now?

Let me be clear: I am not interested in the choice that you think will make other people find you the sexiest.

I want you to feel delicious, sensual, luxurious, glittering, with butterflies in your belly, dark, mysterious, delighted, rich, leisurely, indulgent, complex, and any other sensation you associate with sex and sensuality.

Your body is a source of tremendous pleasure, beauty, and grace. Bring that back to your body, rather than having be an external phenomenon. What makes you FEEL sexy?

Is it chocolate? Wine? Mushroom risotto? A massage? A silk robe? A good book and excellent bath salts? Candlelight?

Make that choice.

3) Choose the Best Quality you can find

What is the best quality option of the thing I want?

If you’re ordering Chinese takeout, who has the BEST Chinese takeout?

If you’re eating chicken, can you get the free-range, organic, animals-treated-with-dignity chicken at the local farmer’s market?

If you’re drinking coffee or alcohol, can you brew your FAVORITE one? Order your FAVORITE drink? Rather than settling for simply the cheapest?

If there were only a few changes I could make to the entire world of eaters, one easy easy change would be to upgrade the food quality on Planet Earth. Do that for yourself. Whatever you eat, make it the best quality, the most delicious, the most enjoyable version of the thing you’re consuming.

These changes seem simple, and they really are. The truth is, you deserve the sexiest, best quality food and life you can get. And the beautiful thing is, you get to define that for yourself.

So if you needed permission or ideas, consider them yours. Upgrade.