Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It
September 4, 2013
Strangers on a Train
September 10, 2013

Internet Inspiration – September 6, 2013

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A firm answer on “Why bother?” “… we all chose to make a difference in a small life by allowing ourselves to feel something. Holding these mixed feelings simultaneously is a tricky thing. In the end I was left with the confidence that it still matters to try, to make an effort, however small and seemingly insignificant. That many small efforts could lead to something greater.”

I really appreciate this post by Audi on seeding a travel wardrobe. I never have a plan for clothes shopping abroad; usually I only do it when the stuff I packed is wildly unsuitable for where I am. But I like this.

Don’t judge me if I read all these perfect books for kids by myself with no kids.

And some helpful clothing hacks from BuzzFeed. I wonder how people figured some of this stuff out.

I loved hearing about this photographer’s Touching Strangers project.

Excellent post by Kim about how things often happen when we get out of the way. She discusses how the Greek god Dionysus, “… isn’t frightening because he’s so fierce. He’s frightening because he’s so raw and unpredictable.”

Steve does it again. I love the metaphorical hard hats.

Beautiful posts from Sarah about the dichotomy of Japanese Health and Body Image. The good: “Real food, dictated by tradition, in tiny portions.” The troublesome: “This is what I find troublesome about myself in Japan: that even after seeing the extremely high tolls that a quest for control and perfection can take, I am still disappointingly susceptible to negative and harmful thinking about my body. No matter where you live, I think it’s hard to have a healthy body image. I think it is especially difficult in Japan.”

Loved this post by another Sarah on how hiking heals. “Hiking gets us in touch with awe. For me, trudging over rocks and earth for hours on end puts things in perspective. Life feels big, I – and my pain – feel small. This heals.”

I love every single one of these ways to be generous.

Beautiful, haunting poem about love. My heart skipped a beat.