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September 25, 2013
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October 2, 2013

Internet Inspiration – September 27, 2013

Such a beautiful sermon from Elizabeth Gilbert. “Such that, when I finally met the man who treated me exactly as well and as tenderly as I had been treating myself, my heart recognized him and said: THIS IS GOOD. My heart said: THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE GROWN USED TO. Had I not spent that year (more, actually) alone and practiced self-care, my heart might never have seen it, might never have noticed him, might never have learned what it means to be treated well. But once you learn what is good, you settle for nothing less. “

An important reminder: “I’m devoted to working with words. Writing a book can be one part of my lifelong body of work.”

And I loved this list of Alex’s influencers. I agree with pretty much all of them wholeheartedly.

I really loved this post highlighting the evolution of intimacy between men. I ship bromance for most of my favorite shows, and it’s because I really love telling stories about deep, loyal friendships without needing it to be about sex. “Whether the men below were gay in the way our current culture understands that idea, or in the way that they themselves understood it, is unknowable. What we do know is that the men would not have thought their poses and body language had anything at all to do with that question. What you see in the photographs was common, not rare; the photos are not about sexuality, but intimacy.”

Awesome article from the Baltimore Ravens’s Chris Canty about men and domestic violence. “Some ways we can rid our communities of violence are by creating environments in which men can discuss and process their emotions and by giving them the tools to communicate their feelings effectively. One of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered in my work with young men is teaching them to recognize that anger is a secondary emotion that comes from a place of hurt.”

A powerful way to restory our lives and deaths. Are you living your resume or your eulogy? “No matter how much a person spends his or her life burning the candle at both ends, chasing a toxic definition of success and generally missing out on life, the eulogy is always about the other stuff: what they gave, how they connected, how much they meant to the lives of the real people around them, small kindnesses, lifelong passions and what made them laugh. So the question is: Why do we spend so much time on what our eulogy is not going to be?”

I have a new TV obsession and crush: Hell on Wheels and Anson Mount. Some of you may remember Anson Mount as the hottie from Crossroads, that so-wrong-it-was-right Britney Spears movie (I totally saw it in theatres. Be jealous). Anson is INFINITELY more attractive now than he was then, if that was even possible. And I love me a man with a beard. * swoon *