Why Everyone Needs a Coach
September 18, 2013
Life Lessons from Braces, Crushes, and a Redesigned Blog
September 25, 2013

Internet Inspiration – September 20, 2013

A beautiful, profound comic about the power of holding on to questions.

Why am I only just discovering Christopher Poindexter? And why does he not yet have a book? I want all of these poems. Actually, I want all the poems from all the poets. If you have book recommendations, please give them.

Great tips on not getting jetlagged from Gala Darling. Related: this post from Sarah inspired me to buy pressure socks, which has REVOLUTIONIZED my flying experience. Get some.

Loved these 11 Ways to Breathe New Life into your Work. Especially #6: Embodying Qualities “What do you most want or need to embody today to make your work as awesome as it can be? Courage? Grace? Discipline? Whatever you most need, play as if that quality is your unique superpower. It’s something so ingrained in you that you couldn’t stop doing it even if you tried. Now, get to work.”

Why, yes. I would like espresso-rubbed steak. And I’m even more excited that it linked to Chocolate Chili from my fave cookbook Well-Fed.

I really loved this post from Chris about giving the A grade to the person you’ll become. “I am interested in the attitudes, feelings, and worldview of that person who will have done all she wished to do or become everything he wanted to be. I tell them I want them to fall passionately in love with the person they are describing in the letter.”

I really liked this post from Steve about what to do if you screw up. I’m not really a fan of calling myself an idiot, but I see his point, and his recommendations for restoring proportion and setting yourself up with backups are really great. And it’s true: Short of death, everything can be fixed.