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August 19, 2013
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August 23, 2013

Tell Me What You Want. And Don’t Hold Back

On Monday I told you about a new journaling exercise I’m doing. So far I really enjoy it. My trouble is that sometimes the things on my list are difficult to describe in words. I remember them as I’m thinking of them, and all the emotions flood in, but I can’t quite find the words. Maybe I need a new vocabulary list. Or maybe I need to soften my stance about grammar rules and just write what comes to mind, trusting that the meaning will be clear.

But today I want to focus on your Desire Agenda.

Take one thing on one of the lists you’ve made, or come up with a new one, and let’s expand on that desire. So here’s my Desire List from yesterday:

1) To make stretching/yoga videos for Journeyman Fitness. [my day job and gym that my brother and I co-run]

2) 10 Right Clients to join our gym and stay with us forever and tell all their friends.

3) To explore Truth, Desire, and Power effectively for the blog and future work.

4) Templates for client progressions and some pre-programmed journaling exercises.

5) Space travel.

6) Beautiful artwork for my house.

7) A new computer and an external hard drive.

8) HBOGo information so I can catch up on Newsroom and Game of Thrones.

9) For my shower to magically unclog itself and never clog up again.

10) The perfect dessert that will fulfill every desire and leave me fully satisfied.

Ok. Let’s dive in to the specifics. For this example, I’ll use #2 as my example.

First, say what you want.

I want 10 Right Clients to join our gym and stay forever and tell all their friends.

But what does that really mean?

Use all your words and get specific. Tell me everything about what’s happening now, what you want to change, and why. Are there caveats to this desire? Things you don’t want?

Right now we have two people working out with us on a consistent basis. One is going through the beginner’s program, and one is going through the advanced program. In order to break even on our costs, we need 35 people to join the gym.

I want to keep the two clients we have, I want them to keep improving, I want to use them as practice for me, since I’m relatively new at coaching. They have completely different bodies, physical abilities, flexibility, and it’s helpful for me to be able to watch them and see how the movement can be correct and look entirely different.

But we need more people. And I need a bit of a ramp up before I’m ready for tons of success and business.

So I want an additional 8 members to join the gym, maybe more on the beginner side to start, and some advanced people. I want them to be motivated, excited to join, inclusive, charismatic, people that I love to hang out with, and people that are ready to learn and be coached.

And I also want my coaching ability to grow alongside them.

Now think of some possible ways this could happen.

I bet you’ve thought about it, just list all the ways it could work. They can be practical, far-fetched, ideal, not-ideal, whatever.

One of our clients has a wife that could join.

One of our clients has a mother and possibly a father that could join.

School could start and all the parents we know from rowing could join when they are on a more regular routine.

We can build relationships with other gyms in the area, and maybe some athletes will join us because we’re more convenient. (I’m not looking to poach clients here, but we have a good location.)

We can reach out to local businesses and maybe offer some classes at the work gym. Or there are some buildings that just host big company meetings. Maybe they’re interested in some classes before and after the meetings.

It just could.

Is there anything you’re willing to do to make this happen?

Anything you can commit to that would be easy, stress-free, delightful, consistent? Don’t add stress to this. Just tell me your commitment.

I will be welcoming to anyone that comes into the gym.

I will let people progress at their own pace. A lot of people have stuff about money, and our gym is more expensive than the traditional gym. Anyone and everyone is always welcome to our free classes, even if they never come to anything else. But I bet they will.

I will network with local businesses and start to create a tangle of Wexford wellness businesses all in a symbiotic relationship.

I will remember that there is enough. And that we have a great product, excellent trainers, and a lot to offer.

And that’s all. This is designed to be an exercise that is imaginative and fun and opens you to possibilities. It is not meant to be stressful. If in doubt, you can always respond, “I have no idea. It just could.” when you get to the “Ways This Could Happen.”

Stay open to other ways for things to work. It’s possible that you don’t know everything, that you don’t have all the control. If you did, it might have happened already. Control sometimes stops you from receiving. So be open.

The goal I highlighted today is a big goal. I want my business to succeed. But you can do this for small goals, petty goals, or farfetched goals. It’s all valid. Wanting it is enough.

Credit must be given to Havi of The Fluent Self for introducing me to these Very Personal Ads years ago. If you need more inspiration or ideas about how it goes with a weekly frequency, definitely check out her blog and the comments.

You can do this for as many Things You Desire as you want. You can do it as often as you want. This is your practice, and it’s all up to you.