Tell Me What You Want. And Don’t Hold Back
August 21, 2013
Some Thoughts on Power
August 28, 2013

Internet Inspiration – August 23, 2013

Loved this article from Full Feminine about 10 Times You’re Not Crazy. Even though this post and this man’s work is directed at women, he discusses a lot of feminine Archetypes, which are present in every person, of every gender. If you’re a man, look for ways this archetype is true for you.

Also, Ben has now introduced us to Christin, who provides coaching specifically for men. Again, she discusses masculine Archetypes, so aspects of this may land for you no matter your gender. Take a look. “We were meant to move through our experiences, to come back to ourselves and to move forward powerfully.”

The psychology of color. Love it.

Could I have a bigger crush on Steve? I don’t think so. When I first found his site, I really enjoyed going through the guild exercises and reading through the message boards. I’ve never done one of their structured challenges, but I decided that I wanted to be a Confessor, like from The Sword of Truth series. Those women are badasses.

Yes. “Our emotions are our emotions. Holding back tears just perpetuates the idea that we need to put on a mask in order to be accepted by others or seen as strong. And that just keeps another generation of men walking around with sadness and fear stuck inside them, embarrassed and afraid to cry.” 5 Reasons Men Should Cry.

I heard rumors about this piece, but didn’t read it till recently. And I stood and applauded at the end.

Oh Leo. You intrigue me again.

Loved this post from my fellow IPE graduate Elisa Markoff. I don’t think I thought about weight loss from this aspect, but I can certainly identify with it. “Just like Suzanne, many of my clients are desperate to get to the “new me” part of their lives: the time when the weight will come off, when they will be slender, when their life stories will have been altered forever. By talking to Suzanne I realize that that’s exactly where the problem lies: often times, the weight is there to remind us of our own unique journey, of who we are and who we were. And letting go of the extra pounds could mean letting go of our personal story. Will losing the fat mean that I’ll be blissful and forget all the insights about myself that I’ve gained through the dieting? Will my struggles be erased from my memory when the weight is no longer there to remind me of what I’ve been through?”

Confession time: my favorite book is Outlander and all the books in that series. If you haven’t read them, do. I still swoon while reading about these characters (and my ideal man, Jamie). Starz is making this into a TV show, and they have already cast a few of the characters, including the enigmatic and totally hot Jamie. So please tune into this hilarious and accurate post and Let Me Introduce You to Sam Heughan and the End of My Sanity. I’m still looking for an in with my other fantasy crush, Benedict Cumberbatch, but Sam Heughan weightlifts and gets blisters on his hands, so I’m thinking we’re pretty much a match made in heaven.

Your Meyers-Briggs Animal Type. I’m a Meercat, obviously.

Ashley Ann is the best. I can’t recommend her photography course highly enough, and I loved this article from her about her daughters. Definitely read through all the comments. I have the best mom in the entire world, and I remember being astonished when I went to college and my friends had challenging relationships.