Internet Inspiration – July 19, 2013
July 19, 2013
Notes from My Life: How to Not Resist
July 24, 2013

The Point of this Blog

I recently got my first non-family, non-friend client. And it’s a big deal. So of course I told my family about it. But I hadn’t really told them about this little old blog, and now they want to read it.

I’ve been writing this mostly for myself, to think things through in my head, make sure I put my revelations in writing as I work through my stuff. In my head I was talking to someone, but I hadn’t fleshed out who that person was. And now, looking at the possibility that people will actually read what I write…

I want to tell you what I’m really trying to say:

You matter. Period.

And that means that your stuff matters. Your emotions matter, your struggles, your joys. It all matters.

You do not need to justify your existence to me or to the world.

And that means that you don’t need to appear perfect, strong, together, fun, charismatic, in control, or anything else. If your body doesn’t look like a cover model, you still matter. If you haven’t found your life purpose yet, you still matter. If you have food challenges, you still matter.

You are still alive. You are still whole. And all is well.

Start to examine how that lands for you. If you have resistance, that’s ok. I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out the angst that comes from having to justify your existence. Of all the ways I want to strengthen you, I want this the most. I want to strengthen your conviction in your inherent worth. And if you can’t believe it fully, I will believe it for you. And I will remind you anytime you need to be reminded.

I choose to talk about food and sex as the main portals to discovering yourself because in so many ways they are the last frontiers of personal choice. And a lot of unexamined or unresolved emotions find some sort of expression there. You are a dynamic human, with ever changing appetites for food and life experience.

It want to start with the microcosmic entry point of physical nourishment and physical pleasure. And once you find the joy and satiety there, the microcosm can open up to the rest of your life, all the other ways to nourish yourself and fill up with love and excitement and optimism and everything else you want.

So that’s the whole point, the whole reason I write here. I think about a lot of things, and they’re all connected. But this is what my work is really about. If you ever want to work with me one on one, this is the foundation on which we will build a relationship.