You Owe Yourself
June 12, 2013
Internet Inspiration – June 21, 2013
June 21, 2013

Internet Inspiration – June 14, 2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room makeover by Emily! I want to copy it in my house! And what a beautiful, deserving recipient!

Gender swapped Lord of the Rings casting? Perfect.

“WHAT MUST LIVE? …. When we think about what must be given life in our lives, we make decisions. Sometimes, something or someone can’t be in our life anymore, for it/they for some reason create an environment hostile to the fragile sprout-of-an-energy that we are now trying to let grow. As we say goodbye, I’m learning, let it be loving. It’s likely that our past (whatever it might be) truly wishes us to feel strong, free, and loving as well. It ain’t no one’s fault.” – wise words from Molly

I don’t really want to make this chicken, but I DO want to have this honey mustard dip. Has anyone ever had Philly soft pretzels? They go SO GREAT with honey mustard.

“…the dual reward system of the brain. One is the Reactive Reward System, which involves an immediate seeking of pleasure without much thought or reflection. (This is what’s activated during addiction.) The second is the Reflective Reward System, which enables the individual to stop and reflect on long-term goals and potential consequences before taking action. Recovery from addiction is thought to be an activating of the Reflective Reward System.” – A beautiful, eloquent article about how running helped this man recover from substance abuse.

Check out this list of recommended movies and TV shows on Netflix for the summer. I managed to get myself hooked on Friday Night Lights, but these look good too!

First of all, I had no idea there was such a thing as temporary wall paper. And secondly, yes, I do want it. This Katarina pattern, especially. Gala has this to say about the hip chick that chooses this pattern, “Even though she had travelled far and wide, met the Dalai Lama and obtained her Master’s degree, her favourite thing to do was close her eyes, hold out her arms and spin in circles.”

If ever you need a guru for positive body image and personal style, look no further than Sally McGraw. I love her suggestions for gentle ways to redirect body bashing conversations.

Body bashing is socially sanctioned in much of Western culture, so these conversations often feel as commonplace and innocuous as discussions of the weather. Pausing that cycle and requesting more information – even forcing participants to examine their own feelings and motivations – can help change the roadmap.

Because Hermione Granger was the best character in the Harry Potter series. You’re welcome.


Have a great weekend!