Here’s Why Your Pleasure Matters
May 29, 2013
Caring for Yourself is Not a Zero-Sum Game
June 3, 2013

Internet Inspiration – May 31, 2013

Guys. I had no idea planets made sounds. And now all I want to do is go visit ALL of them! [via]

From CrossFit Mount Laurel, some great reads on Olympic Lifting.

Three Rules High Achievers Never Break. Great article from Penelope Trunk. All three resonated with me, but I was struck especially by #2, “The difference between crazy and innovative is how far from the box an out-of-the box thinker resides. So stay as close as possible.”

I have a new favorite Etsy shop, and I want everything. Especially this necklace and these earrings.

My love for Benedict Cumberbatch is real and it’s deep. And most of the times I’m pretty sure he’s the sexiest thing walking. Buuuut then there are gifs like this: derp.

What do you guys think about Meyers-Briggs Personalities? I kind of love them, mostly because they justify behavior I can’t otherwise explain. This chick types fictional characters, which is awesome. Not too much on my type, INFP, but we’re a rare breed.

For some reason I’ve been seing the word “ALOT” a lot this week. Peeps, please let me remind you that The Alot is Better Than You at Everything. Now never use that non-word again.

Ashley Ann is the blogger that makes me want to be a photographer for realz. And now she’s listing her favorite iPhone apps for pictures. Maybe it’s a place for me to start.