The Stress of the First Post
April 17, 2013
To Be or Not To Be
April 24, 2013

Internet Inspiration – April 19, 2013

“One of the concepts that we find hardest as humans is the idea of a sliding scale. We feel, instinctively, there ought to be solid principles that you can hang your hat on. So: sexist, racist, homophobic language is bad. But who decides that?” Helen Lewis on the impossibility of aiming for perfection in language.

Ron Swanson. Epic. And private.

Recipes I made this week: Cranberry and Avocado Salad with Candied Almonds | Creamy Turmeric Tea | Almond Coffee Green Smoothie

I really applaud this candid post about how close one guy came to committing rape without realizing it. I can’t really think of anything else to say about it, so just.. yes. Yes. To his entire post.

I really want to be a history buff, and once I planned to read biographies of all the U.S. Presidents. I only made it through John Adams (#2!) before I changed my goal, but I still love this tumblr Branding the U.S. Presidents.

“Our quirks are waves, frothy expressions of the unbounded ocean beneath. We and our quirks are made up of the same stuff as the ocean, as the footpath, as a flower, as a cockroach. We are all just quirky spontaneous expressions of the same thing. Once you see that your personality quirks are part of the bigger oceanic picture, you simply can’t see them as froth and foam any more.” A great post from Sarah.

Alexandra Franzen never disappoints. 100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self-Discovery is excellent.


Have a great weekend!