You know how it is. You've moved away from home, but you still don't quite fit into your own skin.

Your parents had expectations, but you just weren't able to live up to it all. So you do what most young women do. You focus on the external appearance. You begin the windy path of dieting. And it works... until it doesn't. Slowly you find that your whole life has become consumed with a vicious cycle of what you are eating and how you can lose weight.

You know this can't be it and you can't live the rest of your life this way, but it's just been so easy to lock into the thought that happiness and control occurs by focusing on food.

But focusing on food just creates more problems. It's about learning how to be safe in your body and enjoy food. It's about finding your boundaries with your friends and family so that you don't fall back into the old pattern of diet after diet.

I know because diets don't work.

What does work is acceptance. The acceptance can become a part of you. Ultimately, even when a hard time or tragedy hits, you can find a safe place to be heard, understood, and even accepted.

And yes, you can find ways to support yourself so that you have a safe place to land.

Six Reasons You Might (Still) Be Eating Emotionally:
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I wanted to go courageously to the wild frontier, heal people with plants, and fall in love with a long-haired mountain man. So I decided at a relatively young age to become a doctor, and I read all the healing books I could get my hands on, carried around a small medical kit, and went to college to pursue my dream of Biomedical Engineering and Medical School.

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You are bright, nice, open-minded, and interested in leveling up your life.

You’re thoughtful, creative, and unconventional. Possibly hard to define.

Perhaps you have learned all the “rules” of life, everything you’re “supposed” to do. And now, to borrow the words of Picasso, you are ready to break the rules like an artist.

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